Andrey Rublev launches clothing range that he hopes will make a huge difference

Andrey Rublev has launched his Rublo clothing range

World No 5 Andrey Rublev has launched a new clothing range, but this is more than just a fashion brand designed to generate cash for the tennis star.

The clothing brand named ‘Rublo’ is more than just a fashion brand that features a range of casual wear alongside tennis apparel, including match-shirts and shorts.

The best part of this story is that 100% of the profits from this collection will be donated to a charity dedicated to child welfare, reflecting Rublev’s dedication to making a tangible difference in young lives.

This initiative is a personal endeavour for the Russian star, stemming from his belief in the transformative power of supporting the youth.

Rublev understands that children are the architects of the future, and by aiding their growth and development, Rublo is contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

The brand thus serves as a beacon of hope, not just through its products, but through its underlying mission of nurturing the potential of the next generation.

Speaking at the UTS Grand Final in London, Rublev revealed his passion behind the Rublo brand, as he aims to make a big impact on and off the court.

“I wanted to do something with clothes for a long time and I wanted it to have some meaning, a good message that will touch people,” Rublev told Tennis365, as he was wearing a teeshirt that has the moto ‘Play For The Kids’ in bold letters on the front.

Andrey Rublev has laucnhed a new clothing range
Andrey Rublev has laucnhed a new clothing range

“I always buy things that have a message and can help and doing something that will benefit kids was the obvious step for me.

“Not every kid has a good life. A lot are suffering and they don’t have enough nice things in their life and I always thought that one day I might be able to help.

“Two years ago, this idea came up and now we have the clothing range. Hopefully people like it, hopefully it does well and then we can start to make more and have an even bigger impact.”

Rublev was asked whether he hoped other tennis players may start to wear his clothing to raise awareness of the positive message around Rublo, he suggested that might be the most attractive option as he cannot offer them a deal.

“I don’t have enough money to pay players to wear this clothing, so I don’t think we can make that happen at the moment,” he continued. “Maybe others will like the message and decide to wear it, but it is nicer when a clothing company pay you some money to wear their clothes.

“Maybe one day we will become a global brand we can start to look at different options, but that is not the way I am thinking about this at the moment.

“For now, this is not a business that I am looking to make money on. I invest in this, I don’t make anything from it and I hope it can help.”

Rublev’s initiative adds to his reputation as one of the most generous players on the ATP Tour, Rublo is set to leave a lasting legacy long after he hangs up his racket for the final time.



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