Millie Bobby Brown’s New Fashion Line, Florence by Mills Fashion

Florence by Mills is entering its fashion era.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown on Thursday launched her fashion label, Florence by Mills Fashion, in partnership with Delta Galil USA, the global manufacturer and owner of fashion companies Seven For All Mankind, Splendid, P.J. Salvage and more. 

“I started with skin care and beauty, which has been a huge passion of mine since I was quite young. I have always loved makeup, but found that skin care was equally as important. Then as you grow up you think, ‘Oh, I love coffee; I have a lot of dogs — I want cute collars for my dogs and to drink coffee that’s accessible and on the go,” Brown told WWD of her brand’s successful multicategory expansion, which ranges from beauty and skin care into coffee, fragrance, pets and now, fashion.

“I started to think apparel was the next step,” Brown told WWD, explaining that turning 20 this upcoming year influenced the “Stranger Things” actress to start thinking about what her personal style is, as well as her Gen Z demographic and friends’ styles. 

“We’re all going to work or college, and I want to wear something that’s comfortable for me that if I want to show some skin I can, but if I’m feeling more insecure that day, I want to be able to have an outfit that I can have as a go-to on and feel good in. It always starts from those thoughts — Is anyone else feeling like this? Maybe they are!’ The customers and the consumers know what the gap in the market is and my fans knew that for sure,” she said.

Brown’s partnership with Delta Galil USA is bringing forth her vision of comfortable, self-confident fashions.

Looks from Florence by Mills Fashion, millie bobby brown fashion line

Looks from Florence by Mills Fashion.

Courtesy of Florence by Mills Fashion and Delta Galil USA.

“Millie and our team saw a considerable opportunity to turn the ready-to-wear market on its head by creating thoughtful pieces made with inclusive styles and lower-impact fabrics that can feel comfortable wearing,” said Delta Galil USA’s chief marketing officer Heather Mee. Aiming for a “planet-friendly approach,” the feel-good brand was designed with recyclable and fabrics including eco vero, recycled nylon, organic cotton, Lenzing fibers and more, and uses natural corozo buttons and biodegradable poly bags.

Brown’s first Florence by Mills Fashion “Cozy Crush” collection features a selection of loungewear and basics, including crewneck sweatshirts, sweatpants, zip-up hoodies, tank tops, T-shirts, short sets and matching underpinnings. The line was designed to be an inclusive ready-to-wear, loungewear, activewear and intimate label rooted in optimism, self-confidence and comfort. 

“That is my everyday wardrobe, which was kind of why it was so easy for me. I wear loungewear every single day. I don’t wear jeans — my fiancé [Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi] rarely sees me in jeans. I am always in loungewear when I go to work, when I’m going to the grocery store, on dog walks. When it’s summer and I’m not wearing sweatpants or a hoodie, I want to wear something that’s still loungewear but is cooler. So, we created an array of wonderful, comfortable stretchy materials and products,” she said while donning one of the collection’s cropped tops (noted to be a personal favorite style, alongside the matching T-shirt, bralette and soft shorts).

The line was curated alongside Delta Galil USA, with Brown hand-selecting each style’s fabrication, silhouette and playful pastel palette.

“The pastels stem from my love for pastels and in Florence by Mills’ overall brand, pastel purple has been a leading color. We’re branching out into beautiful yellows, pinks and blues, things that are a bit more fun, have a pop of color but are still toned back so that you can wear it out and feel comfortable. I’m personally fine with wearing bright colors, but I know some of my friends would say, ‘I’m not going to wear hot pink today! You just want to create a variety so that everybody has something to wear,” she added.

Looks from Florence by Mills Fashion, millie bobby brown fashion line

Looks from Florence by Mills Fashion featuring Milly Bobby Brown.

Courtesy of Florence by Mills Fashion and Delta Galil USA.

Her brand’s biggest message for customers? 

“I’ve always said this with Florence but it’s, ‘Feel whatever you feel.’ Ultimately I want you to feel comfortable. I want you to feel like whatever is going on to your skin, you’re able to move in it and you’re able to feel like nothing’s holding you back. There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to move your arms or move freely. I want to be able to wear something and feel like it’s not wearing me,” she said, adding she hopes customers feel confident, happy and the best versions of themselves when wearing the pieces.

In addition to the brand’s feel-good message, Florence by Mills Fashion will be donating a portion of proceeds to organizations close to the actress’ heart, such as Girls Inc., One Tree Planted and Joey’s Friend.

Moving forward, Brown said she’s excited to explore more designs with Delta Galil USA but is not necessarily interested in the brand actively following fashion trends. Instead, she’ll be focusing on making “products that are accessible and affordable for my fans,” and listening to her fans, “because they have a huge say in what we make.”

The brand’s first collection of loungewear and basics will launch with a waitlist on Jan. 25, with styles launching for purchase in the U.S. and U.K. on Florence by Mills Fashion’s website in early February. Following the launch, the brand will release frequent drops throughout the year, with prices ranging from $8 to $95.

Speaking to future categories and plans for her growing brand, Brown said, “the beauty industry, the fashion industry and even the food industry is ever evolving. The main thing has always been that Florence grows with me. Whatever I’m going through or whatever I’m feeling, I’ve tried to put into the universe. So I think it will evolve naturally with who I am and my demographic and my fans. I made the brand when I was 14. It probably would be easier if we just stayed in the demographic of 14- to 16-year-olds, but I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to use the things that I make, so the brand has to grow with me, which naturally moves that along.”


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