V News: Winter 2023’s Brightest Accessories Take Center Stage

Glamour is a dish best served hot. And yet, even when served cold,
its flame withstands winter’s chilling frost. Whatever your poison
of the palette of the purse may be or however your taste for timepieces skews, the right accessory’s ability to set one’s look ablaze with some scorching swagger should not be underestimated.


Brilliance is back—or so declares Celine. Amplifying its glitz to higher frequencies of glam, the house’s new iteration of perhaps its most obsession- piquing bag thaws winter’s icy frost with radiance to spare. French for triumph, the ever-desirable Triomphe melts the divide between Parisian ritz and haute hedonism with a dash of sumptuous suede here and a pinch of strass there. All the while, a gold chain and accordion structure certainly overlap statement with purpose. While winter’s seasonal side effect would urge you to dim your outfit’s décor, the revamped It bag suggests some traditions are worth breaking.


When one thinks of brass knuckles, it’s almost instinctual to brace for impact—and rightly so. Cutting to the chase, Alexander McQueen’s latest fix for a vestiary adrenaline rush is all about The Peak. As the name suggests, this climactic creation takes its cue from the house’s signature strong shoulders, characteristic of its tailoring. Take it on the run by slinging its strap over the proverbial leather jacket for a sleek look that doubles from day to night. Or dress it up with some swanky statement wear and sport it on the knuckle using its four-ring handle for a tough take on the clutch. However you do it, there’ll be no holding back when it comes to packing a punch.


In the galaxy of glamor, selecting a statement bag can often be daunting, with nebulas of new creations cropping up at every corner. Often boxed, domed, or even rarer, heart-shaped, their charm quickly gets swallowed by the black hole of It-bags multiplying at lightspeed. It’s only natural to wonder if there’s something else in the distance, past the known and besotted bags of yesteryear. Count your stars that Coach is serving up something lightyears ahead of the game. Astral in its shape, yet practical by wear, the Metallic Star Bag launches the star to supremacy this season. Indeed, with mesmerizing metallic leather and a comfortable strap that goes from satchel to crossbody, Coach makes a strong point—or shall we say five?


Akin to all things gray and glum, winter can drain the vibrance from even its most anticipated festivities. Often, all it takes to get over the seasonal slump is a reframing of perspective. Guess’s Glitter Square sunglasses will do. Either in sepia or the proverbial rose-tinted lenses, these spectacles are a stylish antidote to the wintry blues. Whether seeking refuge from blinding holiday lights after a New Year’s rager or simply layering them underneath your fluffiest hat, Guess’s glittery shades have got you covered.


Symmetry is so yesterday—or so declares Gucci. Embracing wonky proportions and skewing sophistication to a new shape, the house decrees a little disorder is in order. And what better test subject than one of its iconic insignias? The horsebit itself is somewhat of a legend in Gucci’s codified culture of geek chic. As it reaches the dawn of its 70th anniversary, the equestrian motif morphs into a new Milanese mode of zany proportions. Lopsided or lavish? Gucci’s gambit into the topsy-turvy suggests perhaps you can’t have one without the other.


When heading out to the season’s glitziest parties, some would advise leaving the drama at home, but V think drama is best worn on heels. For a sparkling spectacle, Valentino’s got a trick or two. Observe the house’s Rockstud Sequin slingback pumps. Unapologetically fierce and brilliant as can be, these bad boys are meant to soak up the limelight. With adjustable straps and cushiony leather soles and lining, Valentino’s pumps are maximalists in dazzle factor and minimalists in bulk. Set the dance floor ablaze, cause a scene—do what you will. Wherever you take them, adventure will follow. Simply put, these studs rock.


One way to the moon is on a rocket ship. Another? Simply upping your handbag game and opting for Isabel Marant’s Oskan Moon shoulder bag. High on gloss, low on bulk, the Oskan Moon moves into a new phase— coated in a delectable layer of futuristic frisson. An eclipse of metallic magnificence, the Oskan Moon pulls the tides of fashion closer to its cusp with chrome-clad charisma. It’s often said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” With studded details beaming around its captivating crescent shape, perhaps you can save your aim and still have the whole night sky.


Horology would have the watch be a vital tool for daily prowess; Michael Kors, however, proposes that perhaps the hands of function and flair should not only align, but come together to strike a high note of compassion. Turning the gears of progress, the American fashion house chimes in with an initiative fixed on battling food insecurity. Being the pioneer of sporty sophistication that it is, Michael Kors aims to do this in style. Enter the special-edition watch. Featuring a stunning sapphire-hued dial—all decked out with a tonal globe design— this timepiece proposes that adding a new one to your collection can be more than just an act of indulgence.

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Photography Damien Ropero


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